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Mar, 2022

Volunteers Needed!

to help with

Gold Nugget Triathlon

This is a fun event our Club helps run and is a fundraiser for the Club

Gold Nugget Triathlon -- Sunday May 15
An all-female swimming, biking and running triathlon
Here's the request we received from the GNT volunteer coordinator:

"We're looking for help with "Spectator Support" from 6:30 to 11 AM and "T2--Bike to Run Transition" from 7 to 11 AM.  We could put up to 25 people to work if you have them.  Neither job is great for very young kids (under 10 or so).  Spectator Support is a stationary job--mainly directing people and traffic.  T2 is very active--grabbing bikes from racers.  First part of the shift is helping set up the transition area--laying out racer bags, chairs, etc.  It's a fun place to be."

Our Club can make $1800 or more, depending on the # of volunteers.  These funds help keep costs down and help pay for such things as short track ice time, MOA permits, insurance, equipment, coaching, etc., etc., etc.

You can do a full shift or just an hour or two.  GNT needs to know (lock in) soon how many volunteers our Club will provide.

**Please let me (Chuck) know SOON if you (family & friends) can volunteer**
[email protected]

Field Status

Open Open

O’Malley Sports Center (02:51 PM | 08/25/19)

Open Open

Cuddy Park Skating Oval (02:49 PM | 08/25/19)