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Alaska Speedskating Club

About Our Club

We desire to advance the sport of speedskating within Alaska. We aim to educate individuals in the sport of speedskating as athletes, coaches, and officials, and to bring together Alaskans who are interested in all forms of speedskating. You don’t need to wear skin tight lycra to enjoy the sport or participate. We endeavor to provide opportunities for skaters of all ages and abilities at local, national, and international events. Check out our programs by clicking on the Registration Info tab above and register if you want. If you have questions, call or email Peter Haeussler (907-862-6586 or [email protected]) or Carl Oswald (781-608-8200 or [email protected]).


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Mar 18,2022

Volunteers Needed!

The Club is helping run the Gold Nugget Triathlon. Volunteers are needed. This is a fundraiser for the Club. For details click on the "Volunteers Needed" title above.

Feb 09,2022

Last LT Races of Season!

Races Thurs Feb 10--6:30 start & MARATHON RACES Sunday Feb 20--1:30 start. Oval in Midtown Park. For Marathon do 5, 10, 25 or 50 K! Come out, stretch your legs and enjoy the season finale.

Jan 04,2022

Skating on the Oval in Full Swing

400 m skating oval in Midtown Park in great shape. Coached practices Tuesdays 6:30-8 PM. Informal Club skates Sundays 1-3 PM. Races on 4 Thurs evenings (6:30 starts) and 3 Sundays (1:30 starts). Click on title above for more info.

Field Status

Open Open

O’Malley Sports Center (02:51 PM | 08/25/19)

Open Open

Cuddy Park Skating Oval (02:49 PM | 08/25/19)

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